[Oeva-list] A Newbie

Tony McCormick tony at notebene.net
Tue Apr 15 17:41:19 PDT 2008

Good list.   I would add that a conversion is very viable and the cost 
is about $5000-$15000.   With $5K at the "buy one used" end and $15K at 
the "have one done very nicely" side of the picture.
> Today your options are:
> 1) a low speed EV (Zenn, Miles, Zap and others)
> 2) NMG Speedway-speed pod
> 3) A freeway speed EV from the late 90's (Ford Ranger, Chevy S10EV, 
> RAV4-EV). 
>    These are $25K-$40K.
> 4) Tesla Roadster $100K
> 5) Conversions - Do it yourself, buy, or hire a conversion.

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