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Does anyone have any info on Oregon and Federal tax breaks for conversions
they can forward to Ervin?



Rick Barnes

OEVA Treas


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Subject: EV credits?


Hi Rick,


Just an update and a question that I am sure you and the EV group in the
Portland area have worked through. I completed my 1984 EV Ranger conversion
by the end of 2007 (in service) and it is now in the shop being painted. I
was able to use the adapter plate and ring that I bought from you and
purchased a taper-loc setup from 'EV somewhere' for my motor to flywheel
connect. I used Belktronix for the controller/charger set up and 105 ah AGM
Dekas for the pack -144 volt system. I like Belktronix charger setup (other
than limited to 120 VAC input) with the batmon boards but the controller is
a little soft for me and not adjustable. It is well designed to be gentle on
your components (soft start) but I would like to be able to roast them if I
wanted to. I have a range of about 25 miles at 45-55 mph with a top speed of
70 mph to date.


Here is the question: Are there ANY tax breaks for EV conversions? I only
see the 'big' name hybrids listed.


Thanks for the parts and info,


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