[Oeva-list] Prius PHEV in Portland

Ron Jayasuriya evmail4ron at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 18 19:13:04 PDT 2008

We are excited to offer Hybrids Plus PHEV conversions
in Portland!
After a long drive from Boulder, CO, we are a bit
tired, but happy to have our first Prius PHEV from
Hybrids Plus ready to show for Earth Day as promised.

We'll be at the Overlook Park Earth Day event Saturday

The conversion went very smoothly and the car performs
beautifully!  It makes me happy that we can offer the
PHEV option for the Prius.  It offers the benefits of
an ev in a car that looks feels and drives like a
"normal" car.  We will also be able to offer Ford
Escape PHEV conversions in the future for those who
would like an SUV that gets better fuel economy. 

Anyone interested in seeing the car is welcome to
either visit our booth on Saturday or contact me by
email or at the number below for more information.

Hope to see you at Earth Day!
Ron Jayasuriya
(503) 267-2755 

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