[Oeva-list] Suggested Instrumentation for Batteries

Tim Kutscha tim_kutscha at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 21 20:40:41 PDT 2008

Hi Dan,

    I've had the Paktrakr installed in my EV for awhile now.  I like that it
tells me my whole pack voltage and when a particular battery is behaving
differently than the others (I have a lead acid pack).  The biggest problem
I've had with it is signal integrity issues with the modules talking to each
other.  I added a series 100 ohm resistor on the data line and that cleared
everything up.  Drop me an e-mail if you have further questions.

Tim Kutscha

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I'm seriously considering the purchase of an EV truck.  The
vehicle does not have any instrumentation other than a

I've looked online at the PakTrakr and BattEq.  Other than
standard voltmeters and ammeters, I was wondering what products
are (and are not) recommended for this purpose.  Any first hand
experiences with the PakTrakr?


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