[Oeva-list] Th!nk EVs on American roads in 2009

Tony McCormick tony at notebene.net
Tue Apr 22 22:59:05 PDT 2008

He's only *respectfully* disagrees 'cause he knows me too well.  :-)   
(Hi Tim!)

I was assuming that $15 K would get you a electric Hyundai Accent 
equivalent which my 20 something, somewhat environmentally conscience 
daughter would happily own.   I bought the gas version for her for 
$11K.  It's got everything you list except power windows + 100,000 mile 

Tim Johnson wrote:
> I respectfully disagree. The problem is what you get for you $25K. If 
> it's a stripped down tin can that contains the same options as a $12K 
> Hyundai it will not sell well. It needs to similarly equipped to other 
> cars and carry at most a $5K hit for being electric. Gas is still too 
> inexpensive to get lots of people to spend any more than that.
> $16-18K will easily buy a car with todays 'essentials' (for most 
> people). That would include PWR (windows, steering & door locks), AC 
> and decent Stereo/CD player. I know many of you on this would not call 
> these 'essentials' but this list is not 'most people'.

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