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Apparently, one can already buy an electric highway vehicle in Great Briton,
the Smith Electric

And there's hope we'll see a version here someday thanks to Ford:

ric-transit-connect-showcases-fords-eco-awareness/>  all-electric Transit
Connect showcases Ford's eco-awareness

April 11, 2008 Posted by: Lee 

Towards the end of 2008 the all-electric Ford Transit Connect van will
become available within the UK. Smith Electric has been building electric
vehicles for eighty years and has worked with Ford in developing a new range
of electric commercial vehicles based on the Ford Transit range. The
electric van costs twice as much as its diesel counterpart but Ford and
Smith Electric believe that the electric option will prove more cost
effective over a five year period.

The automatic gear lever offer stress free and enjoyable driving, the range
of 100 miles between recharges is good and a maximum speed of seventy miles
per hour should prove ample.

The potential of electric vans in the UK is huge. Rising fuel costs are
leaving individuals and businesses looking for more cost effective and
eco-friendly ways of getting from A-B.

Expect to see all-electric vans in towns and cities soon.


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