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Jeff Kim jeff.shorepower at gmail.com
Wed Apr 30 14:10:38 PDT 2008

Hi Everyone,
Many of you may know that Rick Durst from PGE passed out a survey during the
March OEVA meeting.  PGE has compiled the results, which I have attached.
With this information, I'd like to get the Charging Subgroup to begin
approaching businesses and individuals in the most desirable locations.  You
may note that some of the locations are actually more than one location.
For example, Fred Meyer and Costco were some of the top picks, but they both
have multiple locations.  I also wanted to give everyone the opportunity to
join the Charging Subgroup.  There are currently almost 20 members, but we
welcome others.  Please email me if you would like to involved with this
group, even if you simply want to receive the information.  From this point
forward, I will only address members in the subgroup with items related to
"Charging Stations."

I also attended a meeting with TriMet, PGE, the Governors Office, ODOT,
Pacific Power, Aerovironment, Porteon, Oregon Department of Energy (ODOE),
The Climate Trust and others who are focused on deploying charging stations
throughout Oregon.  The first step that came out of this meeting was to
create an informational sheet that we could hand out to prospective charging
station host sites.  Rick Wallace from ODOE also confirmed that a tax credit
of 35% would be available to businesses with a tax liability.  Other
businesses could use the "pass-through" option and receive 25.5% of the
project costs.  Some other potential funding sources were also identified.
Previously, members such as Don Blazer have graciously volunteered to
sponsor some charging stations.

Due to code restrictions and cost effectiveness, most agree that the
charging stations should include standard 120 Volt household outlets (NEMA
5-20R).  However, they would be wired for 240 volts so upgraded outlets
could eventually be added once a standard is finalized.  Based on an
unofficial tally, *almost* all the EVs in the area can use a standard plug
for charging.  Also, attendees at the Electric Power Research Institute
(EPRI) meeting I attended mostly agreed that a standard plug should be used
for Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEVs), so owners can easily charge at
many locations including in their own garages.  Attendees included GM,
Toyota, Nissan, Tesla, Shorepower Technologies, Delta Q, electric utilities,
EPRI, and others.

Opportunity charging will be an important part of the future success of the
EV market.  I'd like the Charging Subgroup to meet sometime before or at the
next OEVA meeting to discuss these items further, depending on what Tim and
other have on the agenda for May.

Jeff Kim
Chief Operating Officer
Shorepower Technologies
(503) 686-8844
jkim at shorepower.com
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