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Holy Toledo Batman.the Toolman lands on another list I'm on!!!

Seriously, Dan, I'm glad to read you're here on the OEVA list introducing

I've been with the OEVA since about 1993 now and it took me until what, 2003
(?) to convert The Reach to electric?

You jumped right in and in the past year have converted the once-jet-powered
"Don't Panic" to electric.and with a whacky hammerhead shark style lower
drive.very cool.


As for the Curtis and the 6.75" motor, they're a good start.  I used an
AC4002 6.75" ADC motor (60# and 6-8HP) and a 36v Curtis on The Reach before
convincing myself 6mo later that I wanted an ETEK (20# and 6-8HP) and a
24-48v Alltrax controller.  And these changes are so easy to do.  Try new
controllers.try new batteries.heck, make a hammerhead shark looking thingy
at the end of an outdrive.why not?


Motorcycles?  No hablo motorcycles.ask Damon if he's still on this list.or

Seriously though, come  to the next OEVA meeting.




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Hello All,


I've been interested in some kind of an EV ever since I had a short Ride in
Myles' "Reach of Tide". I also visited with a few of you at Pioner Square at
the EV display a few weeks ago. 


I [sort of] have an EV now. I converted my 15' wooden boat to electric
drive, used a pair Neptune trusters (50 # thrust each I think) found on
Craigslist for $150 and powered with four Trojan 105s wired series for 24
volts. My first tryout gave me only 4mph, but it came with only 8" props.
Have a pair of 12" props now, but have yet to try them out. On the plus
side, I used less than one volt of power for the day of silent cruising at
Hagg lake. Here is a pic of the drive:



My next project had to be something I can use on the road. Due to funds
[lack of that is!] I'm building an EV motorcycle. Month ago I found an 85
Honda VT 500 for $300 with a bad motor but otherwise in good condition. It
is a shaft drive, I chose this as I want to be as silent as posible. I have
a small machine shop at my home, so I don't see too much of a problem
fitting the traction motor. Here a few pics of the donor bike:




This is a pic of part of the final drive on the bike I plan to fit the motor



I'm new to this, so I'm posting my parts list here to get any input / ideas
you guys have to offer.


Motor: ADC K91-4003, 6.7" I'm a big guy and in the future I would like to
make it into a reverse trike for all weather comfort and more battery
capacity, so I want some serious horsepower. 

Voltage: 72, 6 x 12

Batteries: Still researching those. I want things to look good, so I might
go with Optima's. I suspect I'll have to stretch the frame a bit, but should
not much trouble for me. 

Controller: Again, still reading and looking. Found this one on Ebay
item#290250001844 $300 used Curtis 1209B-6402 good for 72 volts and 450 amp.


Some questions: What are your favorite sources for the above parts? Do you
have any better ideas for the parts I listed? Do you have any of the parts I
need in your garages, looking to save $$ anywhere I can. 


A little about me. I'm a maintenance mechanic at Oregon Glass in
Wilsonville. Spend my days repairing some neat glass making machinery. I
have a descent amount of experience with electricity, pneumatics,
hydraulics, machining, welding and general tinkering. It's like getting paid
to go fishing! At home I'm always building something mechanical, last major
project was stuffing a fuel injected Chevrolet 350 from an ex police car
into an 86 S10 pickup while retaining all the computer and engine
electronics. That project is up for sale to help finance future EV ideas. 




Aurora OR

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