[Oeva-list] rear wheel drive only?

Nev Okyay nevokyay at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 5 16:41:37 PDT 2008

The message below was rejected, I am trying to send
it again (after I joined the eva list).

> Hi -
> I am new to this list.  I am planning on converting
> a small car to EV.
> When I talked to the mechanic about taking the
> engine
> out, he told me that the car had to be
> rear-wheel-drive.
> He is saying that if you take the engine out of a
> front wheel drive car, since the transmission and
> the
> clutch is built into the engine, they all will come
> out together.  There won't be any way to hook up the
> electric motor to it (unless of course straight to
> the wheels directly?).
> Is this true?  Only the rear wheel drive cars can be
> converted to EV?
> thanks for any info on this..


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