[Oeva-list] OEVA meeting this Thursday, August 14th, 7pm

Tim Kutscha tim_kutscha at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 11 08:46:37 PDT 2008

Hello OEVA folks,

It's time for another monthly meeting this coming Thursday, August 14th.  
Everyone, member or not, is welcome to attend our meetings.  We'll gather
as usual at 7:00PM for show-and-tell of EVs and start the meeting at 7:30PM.
We meet at Two World Trade Center at 1st and Salmon in SW Portland.
The courtyard will be open to display vehicles and provide some charging.
The street-side charging will also be available just across 1st Ave.

Agenda for the general meeting:

- Welcome new people (info: bathrooms, membership dues, T-shirts, flyers, e-mail list)
- Announcements (Call to CLEAN action poll)
- Past EVents (Plug-In Conference, Meeting of the Minds, Hillsboro event)
- Upcoming EVents (Alternative Energy Show, EV awareness day 2009)
- Updates on member EVs
- Break into subgroups (charging, newcomers, small business group, awareness day group)
- End the meeting so we can get home or look at EVs

I've been receiving many requests from people asking about local businesses that  either
sell EV parts or do conversions.  There have also been people who are interested in starting
a small conversion business.  I'd like to try starting a new sub-group this month regarding
"EV small businesses" where people can work together and mentor each other on their
EV business.  We'll try this for a few months and see if it meets the needs of the members and
the local community.

Please feel free to bring information, questions and vehicles!
Again, non-OEVA-members are more than welcome!

Tim Kutscha
OEVA Chair

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