[Oeva-list] why do all the production EVs go to california

Graunke, Gary gary.graunke at intel.com
Tue Aug 12 10:31:25 PDT 2008

I recently heard that every EV made in a ZEV state is worth thousands of
$ to its maker. They can also sell these credits to laggard automakers
that need them to meet their ZEV targets. 

In the same meeting, Oregon was mentioned as NOT being one of those
states. When we adopted California's car standards as part of the
Governor's clean cars initiative, I thought that we included the ZEV
portion (that certainly was our recommendation!). But apparently we
don't have requirements or credits. 

Since the company I met with is in the EV business, I expect they are
right about the credits or lack thereof. I have not yet followed up on
why Oregon is not one of those states.


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I keep reading announcements of auto manufacturers preparing to send 
EV's to California (BMW and Mitsibishi, recently).  What does it take to

let the world know that Oregon is a good place to send EV's, doesn't the

most Prius' on the road mean anything?  Does our state government need 
to do something more?  Is it all just left over from the ZEV mandates of

the 90s?

Tony McCormick
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