[Oeva-list] Suggestions for emergency toolkit

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Flares.hazard lamp, jack.


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a cell phone & a AAA card. 

On Tue, Aug 12, 2008 at 8:58 PM, Dan Brown <dabrown at ieee.org> wrote:

I'm putting together an emergency roadside toolkit to hopefully
cover minor problems encountered on the road that I could
overcome with the right tools.  I'm not too concerned with weight
issues; more interested in the best bang for the buck in quickly
fixing typical breakdowns.

So far, I have:
1. wrenches
2. sockets/drive
3. pliers
4. extra battery cable (to jump over a dead battery)
5. spare fuses
6. wire & wire cutter
7. extension cord

What would you suggest I add?  Is there anything listed that I
really don't need?

1980 Bradley (nee 1968 VW)

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