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Does anyone have any advice for Diane?



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Hi:  I'm Diane from Salem.  I read an article on CNN.com about more and more
people converting their regular gas engine cars and trucks to electric.  I
have a 1994 Toyota Tercel (4 cylinder, manual shift) which I am happy with.
It runs fine now, but it has about 108,500 miles on it and I know it cannot
run forever.  I would like for my next car to be electric, but I really am
not looking forward to five years of car payments, especially when I'll
likely be starting to pay off my $$$$ student loans.  


I'm trying to look at options right now.  Is a reliable conversion feasible
with this kind of car?  I only drive around town and at most go about 30
miles a couple of days a week.  The car is still running fairly well so this
is not an emergency.  Perhaps it can wait until it starts acting up and I
could convert it--by then maybe more people will be doing it and it won't be
as expensive or take as long for parts.  Of course I would still want my car
to be a good-running, dependable car after a conversion. (I'd like to save a
new car payment if I can).   I am concerned about the environment and am
absolutely incensed with the oil men in Washington and the big corporations
and cannot stand putting money into their pockets.  I am not mechanically
inclined and would have to have a mechanic do this.  


Do you have any suggestions?   What would you guestimate the cost of
conversion to be?  



Diane Huddleston

Salem, Oregon

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