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Hi Fred,

   Thanks for the eloquent message and the willingness to jump
right in.  If you get a good response from people, I might suggest
starting your own GoogleGroup e-email list so you can have a
lively discussion without overwhelming the main OEVA list.  I'd
also be happy to set aside a chunk of time (half hour to an hour)
at a future meeting to get input from the larger group.
  Best wishes on your path to EVdom.

Tim Kutscha, OEVA Chair

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Hi all:
Oh my God. What have I gotten myself into? I'm totally new to the  
scene. As I promised to Tim at this night's meeting at the W.T.C. I'm  
proclaiming myself (or feebly waving a hesitant hand) as point man for  
a club car project. (quiver, blanch)
It occurred to me that we could talk and talk and talk about  
conversion projects but what would it come down to if face to face  
with the actual mechanical realities of a project car? Panic? Maybe,  
but what better way to get through the fright and frustrations of a  
conversion than to get down and dirty actually doing it? Well being a  
hard core, if naive, D.I.Y. sort of guy I thought "how about we do a  
car as a club"? Simple, verdad? Nyet!
Well dear friends I have no expertise in electrics, fabrications and  
am an owner of a petro monster anti-Christ -  a '65 El Camino. Well  
there are the job description disclaimers. Oops, add also I'm a swing  
shift worker and have to beg time off just to attend meetings. All I  
gots is a belief that we need to do something NOW!
Sooooo  .   .   .   (swinging at the pitch no matter if it's high,  
low, wide or tight) who wants to get dirty? As depressingly pointed  
out to me we have many hurdles to jump and mountains to climb. Just to  
highlight a few:  1) where would one get the funding, 2) how do we  
protect the club from liability, 3) who owns the physical property, 4)  
where would it be located, 5) who would do the work, 6) how would it  
be insured, 7) what of DMV, 8) what of donations, 9) AC or DC, 10) who  
would provide expert advice, 11) etc. etc.?
I'm inviting all those with or without expertise to get together and  
tease out this puzzle. Beat it into submission. Accost those not on  
the list. Browbeat, wheedle and threaten those who might be of value  
if you have no enthusiasm for the project yourself. Even if you don't  
want to put hands on, your experience with how club projects function  
or self destruct could be invaluable. Truly.
Fred Trient
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