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Richard Turnock richardturnock at comcast.net
Sun Aug 17 13:58:54 PDT 2008


Everyday in newspapers, on the internet, on the radio and TV, we are asked
to believe what someone says about global climate change or the price of
gasoline.  Also, we are asked to believe that the two presidential
candidates each know how to govern.


My brother had a trout farm with above-ground tanks using constantly running
well-water.  Predators, primarily birds, threatened to eat the smaller fish
so he used nets over the top.  One of his employees said he saw a beaver
near one of the tanks and the beaver was probably eating fish.  My brother
paused, looked at him and asked him what the animal looked like.  He
answered angrily, "I know what a beaver looks like."


>From the LA Times:

"You may not believe it, but fuel is more affordable than it was during the
early '60s."





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