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Norris-York, William william.norris-york at intel.com
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Here are my thoughts . . .

I believe that you have to use a manual transmission when doing an electric conversion because the automatic transmissions need to have pressure in the system in order to do the shifting/.  Since the electric motor is at 0 RPMs at a stop, there wouldn't by anything to keep the pressure up in the transmission to allow you to shift to reverse for example.  However, I thought I saw a gizmo online that you could use to allow you to use an automatic transmission.

Also, automatic transmissions are geared to allow for an engine's usable torch range, which is usually pretty high (2,000 RPMs and higher), but the electric motor has all of its torch at 0 RPMs, so it is common to have your car in 2nd gear when going from 0 MPH to 45 MPH, then shift into a lower gear, 1st gear becomes obsolete in an electric car.


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which would be easier to convert?
is it easier to build/find an adaptor plate for the
motor for manual transmission?  or is this just a
driving preference?  any thoughts on this?

- nev

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