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Bill Moore of EV World <http://www.evworld.com/> was in Portland for the
Meeting of the Minds transportation future conference.  He had some nice
things to say about Portland and our electrically powered public
transportation system. enjoy.

*Riding the Max*
> Part of the Portland experience is riding their wonderful light rail
> system, which we could board just a block from our hotel. Running through
> the heart of downtown Portland at street level, the three-line system (Red,
> Blue Yellow) links Beaverton in the West and Gresham in the east, with the
> Red line also running out to the airport, which is really handy. Riding the
> Max isn't cheap; an all day pass is $4.25, a two-hour pass is $2.25, but it
> sure beats having to find someplace to park a car. Cyclists even have space
> to hang their bikes inside the cars.
> My wife and I rode the Max three times: once out to the Ikea store -- she's
> always wanted to visit one -- yesterday out to the Japanese Gardens and Rose
> Gardens, and then out to the airport to catch our flight home. It's a pity
> other cities are just now catching on to the concept when costs have
> ballooned out of sight. One presenter at the conference said that a city he
> was familiar with has to subsidize their light-rail system to the tune of
> $100,000 per rider annually.
> Given the direction gasoline prices seem headed over the long-run, not only
> is ridership climbing on these systems, but so is community interest from
> those who weren't quite as enlightened as Portland was when it decided to
> invest in it back in the 70's.
> Oh yes, and it is, of course, all-electric.

Sunlight will never cost $4/gallon
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