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Jim Berry performanceaev at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 28 21:36:58 PDT 2008

I received an email from Tim the other day informing me that there were people wondering who I was, and that it might do good to introduce myself. Please bear with me here because as I write this, I am also getting schooled by my girlfriend in the correct use of grammer as she edits the new website before it goes up.
My name is Jim Berry, I operate Performance AEV, and I supply the donuts and drinks at the OEVA meetings. We have a temporary website at www.performanceaev.com that we hope to have replaced this weekend, and on the "Who is Performance AEV" there will be a picture of me and my son so that you will be able to identify me, which I hope is a good thing.
On the new website, I also have a links page where I am attempting to provide links (obviously) to other shops and things of interest to the EV community. So, if there are any businesses or items that I can help promote, please write me at performanceaev at yahoo.com so they can be included.
At one time I found a sort of perverse satisfaction at being labeled the king of the late brakers when I was participating in SCCA roadracing. I have just now been informed that I am also the king of the run on sentence, which unless I am mistaken, is not a compliment. So with that nugget of information bouncing around in my noggin, I will take my leave. Everyone be safe!!

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