[Oeva-list] FW: New Videos about Electric AMC Pacers and Electric Datsuns from the 1980s.

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Subject: New Videos about Electric AMC Pacers and Electric Datsuns from the

"Who Killed the Electric Car"  is Part 3.

Part 1 is the electric cars that were killed in the early 1900s.

Part 2 is the electric cars of the 1970s and 1980s.

We have just finish producing historic videos about the Electric AMC 
Pacers and Electric Datsuns from the 1980s.

They can be viewed on youtube at:

The Electric Pacer 10 minute video

The Electric Datsuns 9 minute video Part 1

The Electric Datsuns 9 minute video Part 2

Please share this information with your members.

2015 Electric DeLorean

PS. The maker of the Electric Pacers now works for NASA and the Al 
Sawyer, who made thousands of electric Datsuns is retired and living in 
Las Vegas.

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