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Paul A Burkey paburkey at juno.com
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Joe, wants to create a sit like the one he did for Olympia area.
I know that we already have the plug in on our site, but he wants to make
one for the Portland area that includes pictures.

My sparrow did not want to go to the meeting last month, because after
leaving it out in the cold, and wet after doing a good test run.
After getting back from the meeting it went into the garage on it's own
power.  It also did not want to be seen with fresh bird dropping.

I have not gotten it out for another test run, and to clean off the bird
dropping, so I do not think I will be bringing it to this Thursday

Paul Burkey
Ongoing Events Chair
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   check out my site www.pluginportland.org  Need help in portland  
need info and pictures.  when going to my site hit the olympia site  
and you will see what we are doing.  I would like to do that in Portland
   thank you
   Joe Lambrix
   President, Community Liaison
   Plug In Olympia
   (360) 701-3264
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