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Hi Shayde,

The Zoyte does look promising.  If you want to buy a new factory made EV, I
would only buy one that has an Oregon distributor, like Eco-motion or MCEV.
These guys are experts in EVs and will be able to tell if they are hyped
crap or a real solution, plus you will have somewhere that it can be
serviced when things go wrong (eventually all cars need some servicing).

If these are everything that they promise, both of these guys will be
selling them.

If you don't want to do your own conversion, another option is to look into
getting a Chevy S10EV or a Ford Ranger EV.  These are coming out of their
fleet service life and available for individual purchase.  They cost $24K -
$28K.  I got an S10EV last Feb and I have been very happy with it.  Many of
these were NOT properly cared for, so you need to have it checked out.

Good Luck!!

On 1/13/08, shayde <jtshayde at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm new to the whole EV idea and have been lurking
> this list for about 6 months. Is it at all practical
> for someone who knows nothing about electronics to own
> an EV?  It seems like most of you have built your own
> or have made many modifications to cars you already
> own.  I wouldn't be able to do that and would have to
> hire someone to work on my car.
> Also, I just got this email from Spark Ev.  Is this a
> reliable company or just another fly by night company?
> It seemed strange they discontinued 2 of their cars
> already.
> But the Zoyte looked promising and I need something to
> be my daily driver.  Does anyone know if these cars
> are relable at all?  Thanks and sorry for the long
> post.
>                       Mark Gerbozy
> 1. The ZOTYE specifications are up on our website
> (www.spark-ev.com
> <blocked::http://www.spark-ev.com/> ).  The ZOTYE is a
> fully-electric,
> FULL-SPEED EV.  Perhaps more important, the ZOTYE is
> ready for
> delivery.
> NOW.
> 2. Spark-EV removed the CARRYALL and PRINCE models
> from our model line.
> Very exciting times for Spark-EV - It promises to be
> an exceptional
> year.
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