[Oeva-list] Zotye now available for delivery

Tim Kutscha tim_kutscha at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 14 10:22:48 PST 2008

I contacted Spark-EV this morning and they responded with the following:

We at Spark-EV truly appreciate your interest.  


Response on the 
ZOTYE announcement (sent only to people who previously contacted us 
by email, by the way) has been completely positive - and amazingly 


By the end of today, we will have a link on the ZOTYE webpage showing all options, option costs, 
ordering process, and delivery 


Your question(s) are 
consistent with everyone else's, and it seems as if this would be the best 


Thank you for being part of these exciting 


Managing Director
Wuzheng North America, 
309-410-6509 (FAX)
MSN Messenger ID - Wuzheng North 

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Spark-EV is claiming that their Zotye (4-door compact-SUV, think RAV4-ish) is ready for delivery now! 



Price: $20K

Batteries: Lithium Polymer (LiPo) Multi-Cell

Claimed Range: 110 Miles

Max Speed: 75 MPH


There is an interesting note at the bottom of the page:

On-Board Fuel-Cell Recharge (Available August, 2008)

Anyone seen (or better driven) one of these?  It looks like the nearest distributor is currently in Colorado. 


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