[Oeva-list] Everything You Know about Green Cars is Wrong

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Mon Jan 14 17:11:15 PST 2008

the article has a provocative title "Everything You Know about Green Cars is
Wrong", but it actually confirmed what we already know.

Much of what you think you know about "clean cars" is wrong, misinformation
spread by word of mouth and unreliable blogs (not including this one). Here
are some of the prime misconceptions...

*All hybrids are "green."* Wrong! ...
Electric vehicles (EVs) are no cleaner than gasoline cars because they get
their juice from the dirty grid.* Wrong! Slate did the math. Compare: a 2006
Toyota Corolla getting 31 mpg with a manual transmission would suck up
3.23gallons of gas in 100 miles, producing 63 pounds of CO2. Let's
compare that
economy car to the hotshot all-electric Tesla roadster, which will soon be
tearing up American roads going zero to 60 in four seconds. In 100 miles, it
will use 31 kilowatt hours of electricity, generating 48 pounds of CO2.
Clear advantage, Tesla. And, of course, that's based on the "average" power
plant. If we stopped burning so much coal and switched to cleaner sources
that average would improve considerably.


There is the typical "batteries are evil" comments/replies.  Feel free to
refute these.

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