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Sun Jan 20 23:58:56 PST 2008

Range-Extended Electric Vehicle (REEV) - Although it is obvious what they
are referring too, this was a new term to me.  It seems that auto-industry
is trying this one out now.  I first saw the term here in Martin Eberhard
new post Tesla blog.  He has a subtle joke that for GM the Volt really is a


Eco-geek has a good definition.  The Rise of the REEV

There are other names for this including "series hybrid" and PHEV. I think
that caar marketing types were unhappy with either of these existing
names. Series Hybrid sounds like just another Hybrid type and does not
provide enough differentiation over dual-mode or parallel hybrid, nor does
it highlight the electric drive. Similarly, PHEV does not provide
differentiation since PHEV could be parallel or serial hybrid (e.g. PRIUS+).
Maybe "REEV" market tested better. I have only read the term so I am not
sure if it will stay as initialism (say each letter) or be pronounced as a
word.  Anyone want to vote?

I agree with Eberhard's view that this is not a perfect solution, but it is
an important step in making electric drive the norm.  As battery
technology gets lighter/cheaper the assist generator & tank continue to get
smaller and eventually disappear.

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