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Hi Folks

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From: John Wayland 
Date: Jan 26, 2008 12:01 PM
Subject: [EVDL] 'Running on Lithium' Video to Watch
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Hello to All,

There's a fun 15 minute video that my producer friend Andreas Langley
(Filmranch.com) has put together that some might find fun to take in.
It's for now, a rough cut documentary called 'Running on Lithium' that
he is using as a tool, as he's shopping the idea of a TV show all about
electric drag racing and the EV movement to national media right now.
Pt. 1 is in QuickTime and takes about one minute to download with a fast
cable connection...it can be viewed here:

Highlights include the beginning of the video, where some unknown fellow
is totally freaked out after witnessing a certain Plasma Boy light 'em
up on the street. It was especially fun for me to watch this, as until I
saw this video, I had no idea the impact I had on this guy! Immediately
after this guy's tour of the burnout patches Zombie laid, comes the
video some have already seen between a very hot built Mazda rotary and
the Zombie...time to crank up the volume on this part. At about the 4
minute mark is some cool video of Blue Meanie. Perhaps the best part
happens about 6 minutes into the video, where my immediate boss at work
and close personal friend Steve 'The Taunter' Schrab does his thing as
he picks on a couple with their pride and joy, a red 400 hp C6 Corvette.
He politely taunts them into a race with the Zombie...Tim Brehm piloting
the Zombie of course, blows the Vette's doors off, then you get to hear
the stunned wife's reaction to her beloved Corvette getting its ass
handed to it by an electric car...priceless footage! At the 11 minute
area is my personal favorite part, where you view the Zombie following
the camera van on the street, then I suddenly stomp on the GO
pedal...the 35 mph - to - 60+ mph rush as WZ accelerates rapidly, is
pretty impressive. Near the end is another fun section where Team Plasma
Boy member, expert sheet metal worker, and close friend Marko Mongillo
explains to import tuner freaks about cordless drills and lithium
batteries...fun stuff!

There's also a Pt. 2 that is pretty much unorganized for now, but it has
a lot of EV personalities in it and good footage of Michael Kadie's
Cobra replica drag car. You can view it here:

Michael's car does an impressive rolling burnout that's pretty sweet.


See Ya.....John Wayland


Roy LeMeur

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