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Great EV drag footage and even our own Rick B. charging downtown and on the

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Hi SEVA Friends, and family friends too...

These are Down Loads, not YouTubes friends, so be patient.

But I especially love the segment at the Drags, when John's team
conn's this guy in a shiny new C6 Corvette, to race john.  It's his
wifes car! And the camera guy turns to the wife and asks..
  "Well, Do you think an electric car can beat your Corvette?"
and she shruggs, and nods her head " No way !""

Little did they know ( tee hee hee hee.....)


And the second part isn't bad either.  I especially like the comparison
that John makes on batteries...Old Lead, New Lead, New Lithium A123's


John, I know you READ the SEVA Posts some times....  So Thanks ever so
much for sending these LINKS to the EVDL.  I have two relatives who own
late model Corvettes, and I am going to send them these Links.  One
thing though..
Was not perfectly clear in All the races who went over the finish line
first.  That would be great to clairify...like how did Michael Kadie's
lithium powered Shelby do..  couldn't tell...

See ya...

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