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West Hills Carstar painted the OSU solar car as a donation to the  cause.
We also loaned the battery pack they are using of A123  batteries. I wish we 
could help them out more.
I think it is great that we have an entry from Oregon. I think they  are the 
only one from the Northwest.
They are under the gun to get it done in time. I hope they do well. 
Don Blazer
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Several of us have chipped (money and  other help) in already for the OSU 
solar racing team.
We sometimes have  supported OSU racing teams in the past, but not so far 
this  year.


Hello everyone,

This is just a quick  note to let everyone know that we have the solar 
car up and running!   I have attached pictures to this email so you can 
all see how beautiful it  has turned out.  We will be leaving for our 
first race tomorrow: the  2008 North American Solar Challenge 
<http://www.americansolarchallenge.org>).  The race is from  Dallas, TX 
to Calgary, Alberta from July 13^th to July 22^nd .  We  have 10 days to 
drive 2400 miles. 

Our team is still in  need of funding.  We are preparing to spend about 
$5,000 in gas for  the support vehicles and still have more charges on 
top of that for food  and any unanticipated spare parts for the car.  If 
you or anyone you  know is able to fund this project, please let us 
know.  You can send  an email to OSUSVT at gmail.com 
<mailto:OSUSVT at gmail.com> and mail  checks to:

OSU Solar Vehicle Team

103 Memorial Union Box  #492

Oregon State University

Corvallis, OR  97331

We appreciate all of the help and support that we have  received from the 
community and industry.  Thank you  all!


Kathy  VanWormer



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