[Oeva-list] Details on EV Awareness Day, July 5th 2008

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I'll unfortunately be out of the town, so no ole-timey electric presence for
the show.sorry.will take pics though of 10 steamboats at McConnell Island in
the San Juans for folks to see.life sucks huh?


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Do we know how many vehicles will be there? If we go over 25 we need more
permits? Or is 25 the max?


I can leave my car at home or park on the street if needed, let the fancy
vehicles in first.


Rick Barnes

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1986 Chevy Sprint

16 years as electric

80,000 miles no gas


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Hello everyone,

Get ready for annual EV awareness day this coming Saturday, July 5th,
at Pioneer Courthouse Square!  We start setup at 8:00am and
must be vacated by 6pm.  The official event goes from 9:30am-5pm.

Due to the abundance of one-way streets and the 6th street bus mall,
one needs to head East on Yamhill (with the MAX tracks) and then
make a left (going North) on 6th street after passing the square.
The square entrance is about half way down the block from the left
lane on 6th street.  The entrance will be open at 8:00am and probably
closed off with steel posts at 9:30.  If you show up after 9:30, you'll
have to ask the "stage hand" to temporarily remove the metal posts.
Please try to stay the whole day if you can.

Either Tim Kutscha, Brad Hippert, or Gary Graunke will be on site at all
times.  Our provided stage hand, Franz, can assist with any problems.
Franz will provide permits for each vehicle on the square.  We have a
total of 25 vehicles for this event.  If we have less, we'll get reimbursed
for the permits we don't use.

IMPORTANT: All vehicles must have a drain pan or cardboard underneath
fluid containing parts (like the transmission case) to prevent making a mess
in the square.  If we leave a mess to clean up, we'll incur a $1200 pressure
washing fee!  

Please also consider disabling your vehicles by disconnecting the main pack
or the 12V accessory battery.  We'll have many people in the square and we
don't want people getting shocked.  Please tape up your battery terminals
if they are uncovered.  Tim will bring tape in case you forget.  Turning off
your 12V accessory battery is also convenient if you don't want kids
constantly honking your horn (as happened to me last weekend).

We will have 4 20A 110V charging locations in the Northeast corner. We can
swap vehicles (with care due to the crowd) as needed to provide charging.

Last year the group passed a resolution that all vehicles at EV Awareness
Day must be plug-in vehicles that use electricity to run. This excludes
non-plug-in hybrids, but true plug-in hybrids (PHEVs) are welcome.

Also, we are renting the square as a non-profit organization. So
commercial vendors may not take orders, but can provide information
and show EV's as members of OEVA.

Please let people know about our next meeting on July 10th as Patrick has
graciously offered to talk about upcoming EVs available commercially.

Big thanks go to Brad Hippert for getting the logistics set up for this.
Please e-mail me if you have questions.  See you Saturday!

Tim Kutscha
OEVA co-chair


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