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Hello Rick
I agree with Tim your vehicle should be shown for sure.  I think it  would be 
a loss if not all custom made EVs are shown. If we need to come up  with some 
more money I vote we find a way to cover this.
I hope Pat can make it with his S-10 EV. If so that is  enough they are all 
the same. 
I may not make it this year.  I have been working on getting  three S-10 
trucks ready and I really can not take all day off. 
If I can make it at all I would bring an electric bike like  this
Don Blazer
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Hi Rick,

Stacey said  the limit was 25 max.  If there are more, we can possibly work 
with Franz  (the "stage hand") and negotiate to pay for more permits.  I think 
your  Sprint is a good example because it's got so much EV mileage on it.   
Let's just see what happens.

OEVA  co-chair

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Do we know how many vehicles will be there? If we go over  25 we
need more permits? Or is 25 the max?

I can leave my car at  home or park on the street if needed, let
the fancy vehicles in  first?

Rick Barnes
OEVA Treas

1986 Chevy Sprint
16 years  as electric
80,000 miles no  gas

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