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I would gladly pay to support a plug in network. 
The problem we have though is worse. We have no agreement on what type  of 
plug. It is the only reason we do not have 240 for the general public at West  
Hills Carstar. I have 120 volt 20 amp there open 24/7 if you have  an extension 
cord. For 240 still only the Avcon & Magne Chargers but they  are open 24/7. 
Right now the way most of you could use the Avcon is to buy this  adapter 
(http://www.eaaev.org/eaamerchandise.html)  scroll  down to the lower part of the page.
This is the problem.  I wanted to install a plug like in front of PGE  in 
downtown Portland but it is not in code anymore. We are going to  have this same 
issue any where else as well. We may find friendly businesses  that will 
install a charging location. No one is going to install a non approved  plug. I am 
really frustrated I can not install a plug that will work for others  when we 
are closed. If anyone comes by during the day we can pull the vehicle  into 
the building.
I have sent this to Tom Dowling. For those of you who do not know Tom. Tom  
is the reason they still have a charging network in California and beyond.
Tom this is the OEVA charging group. Do you know if we are getting any  
closer to having a plug for 240 EV charging? 
Thank you
Don Blazer
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Any  chance we would learn anything from their efforts?

I did notice they  handled the payment problem by leasing you a key that 
gives you access for 75  pounds/year.

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