[Oeva-list] Details on EV Awareness Day, July 5th 2008

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Sure Pat.  Converting their steel dinosaur is, for now, a necessary evil.
Light Electric Vehicles have had conversions out for some time now.  But
there are times when the old carriage is useful for hauling groceries or
other goods.  We in the LEV community have learned that one horse is as good
for us today, as it has been for hundreds of generations of good and simple
and honest people before us.  The lust for hundreds of horses to pull
thousands of pounds of carriage and other finery, is not the serious change
in attitude that will make the difference required.  That energy still comes
from too much non-renewable sources.  Scientists went conservative on us in
order to not send the public into hysteria.  That was a bad mistake.  More
of the same is not going to cut it ladies and gentlemen.  I think
Naustrodomis and the Aztec may have something with this new 2012 doomsday
prophecy.  And thanks to Bush, we have damn small chance of having any money
for a serious re-building of our power infrastructure.  We will let go of
our horsepower and status when the world takes it back from our cold dead
bodies.  I just hope I'm still around to see it happen.  A wall of water
coming at us.  I've had dreams of it since I was a child (growing up on the
coast of Oregon), and now I really wonder...
But yea, sure, I'll send them your way.
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To everyone attending the EV Awareness Day, 

During the EVent tomorrow if someone says something like, "I'd like an EV
but I don't have the time and/or skills to do a conversion. When will I be
able to buy one from a dealership?", please encourage them to come to the
July meeting.  I'll be presenting the list of EVs that have been announced
as coming out 2009-2011 from both major auto companies and EV start-ups. 

I'll see if I can write up & print out some fliers tonight. And details of
our meeting date/time/place are always right on the homepage of OEVA.org.   

Sunlight will never cost $4/gallon 
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