[Oeva-list] 1993 Geo Prizm EV project/glider for sale

Ralph Merwin rmerwin at aracnet.com
Wed Jul 9 06:13:05 PDT 2008

For sale: 1993 Geo Prizm EV project/glider

Current equipment:

* Zilla Z1K-LV controller (156v, 1000amp) with Hairball
* ADC 9" motor with adaptor plate
* Manual transmission with clutch
* PFC-20 charger - 120v/240vac input, up to 450vdc output, 20 amps max
* 120 amp DC/DC converter (custom-made for TEVAN, unknown manufacturer,
  possibly GE or Chrysler).  Yes, one hundred and 20 amps!
* Curtis potbox
* 156v battery pack using 26 Optima Yellow Tops configured as 13 pairs
* 2 Kilovac main contactors
* Heinemann DC circuit breaker
* Battery boxes (four total, three with black anodizing)
* Battery heater for each battery
* E-Meter with serial option
* Ceramic core heater
* MES-DEA 70/6E vacuum pump (for brakes)
* Bosch PA 66 water pump (for Zilla coolant)
* Bridgestone RE92 tires (same as Toyota Prius)
* Avcon charge port (not currently connected)
* Avcon wall unit
* Blaupunkt CD player

Extra parts:

* Two extra Optima Yellow Tops of same vintage as rest of pack, but
  never installed
* 14-50 outlet to Avcon inlet adaptor
* Transmission radiator (for Zilla coolant, not yet installed)
* Battery boxes for SAFT NiCads (previous pack configuration)
* Battery boxes for Optima Yellow Tops (older pack configuration)
* Misc Geo Prizm bits

It has approx 22000 total miles, mostly pure EV.

The car is driveable right now, but the battery pack is tired.  Some
of the batteries have reduced capacity (maybe a third of the pack).
Many of the rest of the batteries seem to be in good shape, although
I can't vouch for their remaining life expectancy.  Optimas do better
with individual monitoring and preferably individual charging.  I had
a long-term project running to build individual battery chargers but
never found the time to finish them (it's too close to what I do at

A possible idea for the buyer would be to use the charging system
that Richard Rau has designed on a Porsche EV.  See the EV Album
entry at http://www.evalbum.com/1638.  Basically, a PFC charger for
bulk charging and individual Soneil chargers for the finish charge.

Another option might be to buy the charging system from Belktronix
(charger, DC/DC and battery monitors) and use this in place of the
PFC-20.  The Belktronix web page is http://www.belktronix.com/
It might be interesting to use the complete Belktronix system (with
controller, charger, battery monitors, etc.

If you were to buy the listed equipment new, the price would come
close to $10,000, not counting the car itself, the batteries, the
tires, nor the significant amount of installation work.

I'm asking $10,000 for everything.

I'm also open to offers to remove some of the "EV stuff" and sell
the glider.  One approach would be for me to remove the controller,
charger, DC/DC, batteries and misc support hardware.  This would
leave the motor and it's adapter plate and the battery boxes in the

I'm fairly motivated to sell the car so I can use my garage for other

I'll bring the Prizm to the OEVA meeting tomorrow.

See my EVDL Photo Album listing (http://www.evalbum.com/58) for
pictures and additional details.

And there are many more pictures here:


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prizmev at yahoo.com    (better)

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