[Oeva-list] Insurance for home-built?

Jon Youngblood jony at scootonthis.com
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I hate to have to be the one to put this to you, but...
If you stay under 24mph you don't need insurance.  If you plan to drive in with the steel dinosaurs, you are probably out of luck.  There are so many reasons, most of them good ones, for insurance companies and DMV and ODOT to not want people to start building their own high speed vehicles to play in traffic.  If you have the smarts to build your own vehicle, you should, grudgingly, understand why they will never let you put a home made car on the road.  Unless you plan on going into production in which case you get insurance for the manufacture of the car, and with that in hand, go and get you personal policy.
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Has anyone ever secured insurance for a home-built (from scratch) EV? �I am fabricating a 3-wheeler from junkyard parts and tubular steel, wood, and fiberglass. �Progressive won't touch it because it's home-built, even though two years ago they assured me that they would insure it. �Any suggestions? 


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