[Oeva-list] Alternative Fuel and Hybrid Education Class

Todd Weedman Todd at toddsimport.com
Mon Jul 14 11:48:10 PDT 2008

Good News everyone, our class on Hybrids, EV's and AFV's is ready and we are eager to share what we have learned.

Below is a copy of the announcement to be released by our friends at AAA;

a PDF of the annoucement is attached in a flyer format as well.

We appreciate your efforts in spreading the word.


Todd Weedman, owner
Todd's Import Automotive
17607 Pilkington Rd
Lake Oswego OR  97035
Todd at ToddsImport.com


Rising fuel costs has changed the complexion of the types of vehicles on the road.

Many use alternative fuels, modes of operation or a combination of drive systems.

The popularity of hybrids has risen quickly and is testimony to the consumer's willingness to explore their options. 

For those who are interested in what choices are available Todd's Import Automotive is hosting a short introduction

class to explain the benefits and pitfalls of the most popular current choices and discuss which emerging technologies

are showing the most potential of coming to market in the next few years.

The class is free and anyone with an interest is encouraged to attend.


Topics:   Hybrids, Electric, Natural Gas, Ethanol, Bio-Diesel and more.

When:    7:00 pm Wednesday August 6th.

Where:   Todd's Import Automotive

17607 Pilkington Rd, Lake Oswego, 97035

Phone:    503-635-1339
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