[Oeva-list] Insurance for home-built?

Tony McCormick tony at notebene.net
Mon Jul 14 22:21:40 PDT 2008

As long as it has the VIN number of a vehicle they can look up it's not 
an issue, but if it's a pure scratch built you have another nut to 
crack.  I suspect Travis' of the former nature... a "conversion" not a 
home built.

Curt wrote:
> You can certainly license a homebuilt motorcycle. Biker guys do it all 
> the time -- buy the frame from Jireh, the engine from S&S, and so 
> forth. I think the title has "asmbl" or something like that in the 
> "make" box. Stands for "assembled". I know they can get insurance 
> because they drive the things around. Where they get it I have no 
> idea, and insurance companies are likely to want to avoid really 
> exotic vehicles I would think.
> Travis, you're building an electric motorcycle.. have you talked to 
> any insurance companies yet?
> Curt (lurkin')
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>     David, I certainly wouldn't give up without checking for the
>     experience of others who have built their own custom vehicles. I
>     think that because yours is three-wheeled and is legally a
>     motorcycle, you might find that others have made highway speed
>     motorcycles from scratch. I have no doubt that it's been done, and
>     that they've been insured.
>     Jerry
>     On Mon, Jul 14, 2008 at 3:52 PM, Jon Youngblood
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>         David,
>         I hate to have to be the one to put this to you, but...
>         If you stay under 24mph you don't need insurance.  If you plan
>         to drive in with the steel dinosaurs, you are probably out of
>         luck.  There are so many reasons, most of them good ones, for
>         insurance companies and DMV and ODOT to not want people to
>         start building their own high speed vehicles to play in
>         traffic.  If you have the smarts to build your own vehicle,
>         you should, grudgingly, understand why they will never let you
>         put a home made car on the road.  Unless you plan on going
>         into production in which case you get insurance for the
>         manufacture of the car, and with that in hand, go and get you
>         personal policy.
>         Good Luck,
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>         Has anyone ever secured insurance for a home-built (from
>         scratch) EV? �I am fabricating a 3-wheeler from junkyard parts
>         and tubular steel, wood, and fiberglass. �Progressive won't
>         touch it because it's home-built, even though two years ago
>         they assured me that they would insure it. �Any suggestions?
>         David
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