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See  reply below from Tom 
It  looks to me this is the best thing we have going for 240 charging. I not 
sure if  this is a conflict with Shorepower. Jeff could you just add this plug 
to  your units? 
We  need a national approved way to plug in 240 EVs. I believe in and will 
fully  support this cause. It is something that should of happened years ago.  I 
hope the information sent byTom  finally takes us there.    
Anyone  have any thoughts on what is the best way to help this development? 
Tom is  there anything we can do? 
Thank  you 
Don  Blazer 
The  contacts are covered.  The metal contacts are recessed pretty deeply in  
some sort of ceramic or hard plastic tube.  That’s not metal you are  looking 
at.  I have one of those connectors here.  I understand that  the proposed 
SAE standard connector will be very much like this, and will be a  Yazaki 
design, like the one in the photo.  It is about to be approved by  SAE and UL, as I 
understand it.  Final approval should be around October –  November.  This 
connector will handle around 65-70A.   
Furthermore,  this will be like the Avcon.  This connector will not just come 
from a  j-box on the wall.  It will come from a box like the ICS Avcon box, 
which  will have a contactor in it.  There will be no voltage on the contacts 
in  the cable until the connector is attached to the vehicle, and has gone 
through a  handshake routine to determine what the load is, and how much current 
the  vehicle can accept, how much current the electrical service can deliver,  
etc.   So, this is a second level of safety, similar to and superior  to the 
present Avcon boxes. 
I’ll  let you know when I find out more.  In the meantime, I’d like to find 
out  more about what Oregon DOT, PGE and Shorepower have in  mind. 

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Any  chance we would learn anything from their efforts?

I did notice they  handled the payment problem by leasing you a key that 
gives you access for 75  pounds/year.

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