[Oeva-list] GM to government: Don’t count on Volt, plug-in hybrids when setting mileage standards

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Tue Jul 15 12:47:03 PDT 2008


"For the purposes of the NHTSA rulemaking, GM's game-changing EREV
technology should be treated as a low-volume application during the time
period under consideration," the automaker said in a filing. "We strongly
discourage NHTSA from applying either PHEV or EREV technology in any
significant volume in its … model during the 2011-2015 timeframe."

They are trying to get it both ways.  They want to hype the technology and
be seen as green with commercials "from fuel friendly to fuel free", yet out
the other side of their mouth they are telling the government NOT to
increase fuel efficiency standards.

I drive a ZEV made by GM, it proves they can do the right thing, when

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