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Tony McCormick tony at notebene.net
Wed Jul 16 15:09:49 PDT 2008

I'll have to let the next level up experts advise you on those 
questions.  My vehicle is a 35-40 mile range, freeway capable using 
120volts of 6 volt flooded, Curtis 1231C controller which I will be 
replacing soon with a new product and an 8" ADC motor, everything except 
the batteries and the charger I bought used.   see my website for details

Jess & Dennis Kaprielian wrote:
> It is round trip without the possibilty of charging at work. Ok so it 
> seems AC is to expensive. As far as a complete DC kit then it's 
> probably going to be on the upper end as far as cost for the speed and 
> mileage needed right? I thought AC was more effecient and could get 
> more distance out of it. but did not realize the voltage needed. So 
> where should I go for a good price on a kit and which brand of motor 
> and controller do you suggest for my application.
> Also I was thinking of using 8 or 6 volt batt's, good idea or not?
> Thank you, Dennis
> On Wed, Jul 16, 2008 at 10:57 AM, Tony McCormick <tony at notebene.net 
> <mailto:tony at notebene.net>> wrote:
>     You should reply to the list for this thread.  You replied just to
>     me.  
>     AC systems from from Metric Mind are reasonably priced but need
>     240Volts or more work of batteries to get decent range an
>     performance.  At about $249 per battery for 12V Optima's (for
>     example) that's $5000,
>     The motor kits (very compete) are somewhere between $5-10K
>     depending on the motor size.   You are going to be closer to 20K
>     for what you want in AC.  50 miles is optimistic without NiMH or
>     Lithium which are both a lot more expensive.  Is that your one way
>     trip?  If this is a work/commute can you charge at work or nearby?
>     --Tony
>     Jess & Dennis Kaprielian wrote:
>         Hi thanks for the response,
>          well i'm not totally sure what to base my budget on yet but I
>         was thinking anywhere from 7,000 to 12,000. I see after that
>         doing some searching online that the 70 mile trip range may be
>         over doing it. But 50 mile range at least will be necessary
>          and I do want freeway  speeds.  And to narrow down the
>         vehicle type  I'm thinking a '91 Jetta. I was also thinking
>         about using an AC motor.?
>         Dennis
>         On Tue, Jul 15, 2008 at 5:47 PM, Tony McCormick
>         <tony at notebene.net <mailto:tony at notebene.net>
>         <mailto:tony at notebene.net <mailto:tony at notebene.net>>> wrote:
>            What is your budget?  For that kind of speed and range you will
>            need fairly expensive equipment.   The sweet spot is about 30
>            miles range with mixed driving and 55-60 mph.
>            --Tony
>            Jess & Dennis Kaprielian wrote:
>                Hello. First time I am writing here. I was wondering if
>                someone can tell me what a good combo of
>                motor/controller/batteries will be good for a mid size car
>                2door to small four door, to be able to do
>         approximately 70mph
>                and have a 50 to 70 mile range on a charge. And if
>         there is a
>                kit for the first time converter with the same range
>         and speed.
>                Thank you for your help.
>                Dennis "new e.v.'er"
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