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David Boyd david at synkromotive.com
Wed Jul 16 18:15:21 PDT 2008

Greetings OEVA members,
Myself and Ives Meadors are a Portland based company called  
SYNKROmotive, LLC developing the DC series motor controller Tony  
McCormick is talking about. We have been 'flying under the radar' for  
the last 2 years working in NW Portland, and have just filed our  
provisional patents, so we can now talk about our products. We have a  
156V 600+A (hot rating @ 80C, and de-rated at that) DC motor  
controller that's nearing production in late August. We are in the  
final stages of testing, and are about to start a 'Beta' run of 10  
controllers for public testing. Our controller is fully programmable,  
completely silent (24KHz operation), can be programmed from any USB  
equipped Windows computer (more OS types on the way...) and has quite  
a few features to make vehicle integration easier for the end user.  
It will be followed in the next 3 months by a complete battery  
charging, balancing and monitoring system that will communicate with  
the controller and a 'smart dash' LCD for system information display.  
Again, many nice user enhancements will be implemented.

We are looking for 10 people with EV's that would be interested in  
taking part in our Beta Program beginning in August. We will be  
offering these first 10 Beta users our DC controller for a wholesale  
price in exchange for data logging and product feedback so we can  
make any additional improvements or enhancements prior to our full  
production release. This would be for a period of about a month, and  
we would like users that drive their vehicles regularly or are  
actively working on a conversion that will be soon completed. At the  
end of the program, we will exchange the Beta controller for a  
production unit at no additional cost. If for any reason you are not  
satisfied with the product, we will gladly return your money.

So if your Curtis just isn't cutting it, or if you'd like to add  
battery capacity or acceleration to you vehicle, and would like more  
information about our company, our controller and other products in  
development, please email me offline and I'll send additional info  
and specifics. If you are in the Portland area and would like to come  
by our shop, please let me know in advance, and we would be happy to  
meet you!

David Boyd
President, Business Development
david at synkromotive.com

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> Tony, just wondering what you are replacing the 1231c with? I am  
> using the
> same controller at 144 volts.
> Eric K.
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> I'll have to let the next level up experts advise you on those
> questions.  My vehicle is a 35-40 mile range, freeway capable using
> 120volts of 6 volt flooded, Curtis 1231C controller which I will be
> replacing soon with a new product and an 8" ADC motor, everything  
> except
> the batteries and the charger I bought used.   see my website for  
> details
> www.notebene.net
> --Tony
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