[Oeva-list] VIN #'s ?? for EVer's

Oregon Gold Trips golddust at oregongoldtrip.com
Sat Jul 19 17:31:56 PDT 2008

Hello EV folks.
I'm got a question about VIN's and also super capacitor battery banks.

1.   Does anyone know just how far one can convert a vehicle before the VIN is no longer applicable?  Ie.  taking a frame and a different body parts to make your own car?  I'd like to make my own car with a distinct look but don't want to have a problem getting it licensed using the original VIN#.

2.  Does anyone here locally have experience with converting to an EV with super capacitor/battery banks?  Seems like the way to go with the new ones from China.

Dave Rutan
Vancouver, WA

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