[Oeva-list] First Shorepower EV/PHEV Charging Station

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Hi Jeff,

  Congrats on the new charging station!  PGE also announced the new charging station at the Meeting of the Minds conference regarding the future of transportation.  After it's over, I'll write up a summary and send it out.  There was much discussion at the conference today about electric cars and a charging infrastructure.

OEVA Chair

p.s. Thanks to Patrick Connor for spurring me on to sign up for this conference last minute.  It's quite a gathering of industry and government leaders.  We also heard Governor Kulongowski speak.

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Some of you may already know that we installed our first public EV/PHEV charging station yesterday.  It was a lot of work in a short period of time, but we made the press event.  Here are a few articles and a news video.  
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