[Oeva-list] Spirit of DC landing in Portland, Sunday Oct 5th 4pm at WTC

Tim Kutscha tim_kutscha at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 2 09:19:31 PDT 2008

Hello OEVA folks,

  Jerry Asher is driving The Spirit of DC, a plug-in hybrid, all around America
and will be stopping in Portland this Sunday to chat with OEVA members.
We'll meet Sunday, Oct. 5th at 4pm at the charging station at SW 1st and Salmon
near the World Trade Center and then head out for some chips and salsa at a local
place.  Please come and support Jerry on his trip to raise awareness of plug-in
hybrids!  You can get more info on the trip at http://www.phev3a.com/
  See you Sunday!

Tim Kutscha
OEVA Chair

Forwarded message from Power of DC advocate, Joe Lado:

I am Joe Lado. You may know me as a blogger on EVWorld, or the Daily Koz, or
the Booman Tripbune or... well I like to write about EVs a lot. I don't,
however, just write about plug-ins, I am a big advocate of them in very
quiet ways. You will find me getting water for people like Andy Frank and
Felix Kramer water when they spoke at the nation's Captitol, you will find
me bringing tables, chairs and canopies to the Power of DC drag race and
autocross, you will find me organizing EVs for EPA's Sustainable Design
Expo, aranging EVs and plug-ins for events at the National Science
Foundation, posting blogs for Chelsea Sexton as Chelsea Sexton at various
blog sites and more. Helping and advocating for EVs is what I love doing. 

NOW I am helping Jerry Asher and his vehicle the Spirit of DC, a plug-in
hybrid, with their trip all around America. Of all the things I have been
involved in this is the most important EV task that I have ever been
involved in. We are working to give people in every state a chance to hear
and see a working plug-in vehicle. 

Jerry is traveling through Oregon and stopping in Portland in the next few
days. He has been on the road since April. This has been a hard, long and
sometime lonely trip. Much longer and harder than we imagined when we first
planed it. He is going to need a place to stay, food, electricity and
welcoming support. Any help getting the word out to the local media would be
big help as well. We have been getting lots of media attention in the North
Central region. Almost every capitol Jerry has visited has come with some
king of TV news. We also have had nice events surrounding his visits, such
as school alternative vehicles days, politicians such as the mayor of
Spokane meeting with Jerry at the steps of the capitol. He has had a really
good run lately and it has bouyed all of our spirits. We want to keep it up.

Ask your club members to come out and welcome Jerry and do what they can to
make his stop there comfortable. Have them come out and be a part of this
historic endeavor to make plug-ins the norm in our country. 

Call Jerry at (202) 486-5450. You can follow his movements on the maps on
our website www.phev3a.com. 

Thanks for listening

Joseph Lado 

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