[Oeva-list] Congress bailout affects EVs?

linc.thomas at comcast.net linc.thomas at comcast.net
Fri Oct 3 15:18:45 PDT 2008

Does anybody know the details of the congressional bailout plan passed today, regarding the plug-in EV tax credit? Would it apply to homemade/kit-made EV conversions, or only to buying certain corporate-made EVs?

>From http://www.marketwatch.com/News/Story/plenty-perks-taxpayers-savers-final/story.aspx?guid={64473848-11F3-40FC-98AC-83F26C4807D2}
"There's a new tax credit aimed at purchasers of plug-in electric vehicles, such as the as-yet-unavailable GM's Chevy Volt, Kunkel said."

I see the "Tax Credits" section on your Resources page ( http://www.oeva.org/resources ). Does the bailout change anything for conversions?

Lincoln Thomas
'86 VW Cabriolet ICE owner and future EV conversion of same.

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