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Tim Kutscha tim_kutscha at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 8 19:47:11 PDT 2008

Hi All,

  I look forward to our meeting tomorrow.  We'll be voting to instate four new officers and Patrick Connor will be giving a great presentation on plug-in hybrids.  
  I've attached a survey below that I'm going to be passing out at the meeting.  If you can't make it to the meeting, please reply to me (tim_kutscha at yahoo.com) and fill in the blanks on the form.  This organization is only possible because people like you volunteer to show up at EVents and share your EV experience.
  See you tomorrow at 7pm!

Tim Kutscha
OEVA Chair

(hopefully this won't be scrambled in your e-mail reader...)

OEVA Participation Survey (please check all that apply)

1. _ I have an electric vehicle (if not, skip to next section)
   _ I converted a car to pure electric or plug-in hybrid
   _ I bought a used conversion or paid someone else to convert it
   _ I purchased a commercially manufactured EV or plug-in hybrid
   _ I will bring my EV to OEVA EVents (please fill in e-mail/neighborhood)
   _ I bring my EV to OEVA monthly meetings
   _ I will give a presentation on my EV experience (between 10 and 30 minutes)
   _ I will give a technical presentation on batteries, motors, EV conversion, etc...
   _ Other:________________________________________

2. _ I want to help with EV awareness and education (if not skip to next section)
    _ I will call media contacts to let them know of upcoming events
    _ I have marketing or event-coordination skills to share with the OEVA
    _ I will serve on an EV-awareness Day sub-group to plan our major annual EVent
    _ I would like to facilitate the newcomers sub-group
    _ I will attend OEVA EVents and answer questions or hand out flyers
    _ I will give a presentation to other groups as requested about EVs and the OEVA
    _ I will answer technical questions about EV conversions (batteries, motors, etc...)
    _ I want to start an EV conversion garage so people can learn about conversions
    _ I will attend an EV-related conference and share what happened at an OEVA meeting
    _ Other:__________________________________________

3. _ I want to become an OEVA officer (More people skills than EV experience required!)
    _ Chair    _ Co-Chair    _ Treasurer    _ Webmaster    _ EV Awareness Day Chair
    _ sub-group Chair  Other:___________________________

4. _ I don't have time to get that involved; I just want to show up to OEVA meetings

(please print the following clearly)
Phone #:________________________________________________
City or PDX Neighborhood:__________________________________

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