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Thu Oct 16 00:05:13 PDT 2008

Has anyone heard about Portland's Project Get Ready?

I'd like to find out more about it (who is running it, for starters).

I read a lot about plug-in cars and a recent article talking about methods
of accelerating market adoption said that they would like to start programs
like "Portland's Project Get Ready" in 20 other cities.

Here are some of the ideas that they listed for incentives that Project Get
Ready is considering:

o Discounted off-peak green electricity for the life of the vehicle
o Free downtown parking
o Free vehicle registration, a sales tax exemption, and environmental waiver
to eliminate emissions testing
o HOV lane driving, free road tolls
o Free home charger installation (including smart meters)
o State tax credit
o Free public charging at muni lots, as well as free parking
o Discounts on solar panel
o Three "seed" sponsor companies would create financial incentives for their
employees to buy PHEVs and provide free workplace charging

It seems like OEVA would be a good partner for this effort.

If it is going to take a war to get the US out of this depression, shouldn't
we pick the right fight?
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