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I bought my aluminum adapter plate from Alaskan copper and brass for $65 (15" x 15" x 0.5") . . . it was a remnant.  They quoted me a custom cut same size would have been about $90.


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I think most people in the club buy their aluminum
plate from Alaskan copper and brass.  I was quoted
about $120 for a plate 16" by 16" (0.5" thickness).

There are about a dozen or so scrapyards around
portland and I have probably called every one of
them.  None of them will sell metals to individuals
except for one: Bobs Metals, 503-295-3636, exit 306B
off I-5 North.

They sell aluminum $2 per pound.  If you can find
something that will work for you, you definitely would
save some money.

I also saw tons of wire of all shapes and colors.
They didn't charge me for a small piece of
wire.  Note that selection varies  depending when
you go there.  They bail the wires and ship
them out periodically.

The guy there told me that they sell 3 phase motors
by the pound ( 60 to 70 cents per pound).  I saw
a huge pile of motors in big bins.  I said to him
that most probably will not work.  He says that
they test the motors and they will guarantee a
functional motor.  If it doesn't work, they will
replace it.

I bought my 15HP motor from CL for $200.  The
same motor would have cost me about $60 to $70
from Bobs Metals, but I didn't know they sold
motors by the pound at the time.

Note that the stuff you might buy there will not look
brand new, perhaps with dents and dings.

Needless to say that I don't have any business
relationship with them except for being a happy

- nev

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