[Oeva-list] Oregon Zero Emission Law?

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Maybe Rich George at PGE could help with the current status of Oregon's law. I do not know him but saw him quoated on a legal blog regarding charging stations. 

The anal retentive part of my analyst background makes me want to nit pick the quote you show as "plug in" because it was downgraded in CA from the original "plug in" batteries or hydrogen cell cars. Plug in was reduced to be a "plug in hybrid" which is of course also not a mainstream vision (you can't go and buy that at GM, Ford or Chysler). 

I also would nit pick "zero emissions" as that 60,000 in CA is among 25 million registered vehicles in CA and not doing much to "zero out emissions." On a positive note 60,000 vehicles would help with some green house gas mitigation. I would also find it more reasonable if we talked about "clean emission" (instead of "zero") vehicles because plug in hybrids do use gas and on average we use a lot of coal (50%) and nuclear (20%) in the US to make electricity. 

Since we have cleaner electric fuel options than the national average, I hope our "plug in" law is better too. Seems that just having more plug in hybrid transformation shops in Oregon is a job creating vision. Could we drop electric motors into new Chevy Aveos and send them to CA? Could we have a tax rebate program if you converted your gas car motor to electric? (which could work like the solar water heat rebate). Or couldn't we just take the toyota hybrids that are brand new and coming through the port of Portland and put A123 batteries in them with a pig tail and sell them to the other states? 

I know it is more difficult than this, sure as there is a coal fired electric plant within eyesight of our Senators and Congress Capital Hill in Washington DC and senators vote for Ethanol. Isn't it ironic that Ethanol is literally "corny?" 

Also interesting to me is that our Congress funded millions into diesel hybrid technology among our domestic car makers and Honda and Toyota saw that huge investment and that is what led Toyota and Honda to build hybrids.


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"Automakers are under the gun from states, too. California's zero-emissions vehicle program mandates nearly 60,000 plug-in cars be sold in the state between 2012 and 2014. Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Maryland, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island and Vermont have adopted similar requirements, and other states will follow."
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Does anyone know about the the Oregon version of this law? How many vehicles by what year... Any pointers? Thanks in advance. 

If it is going to take a war to get the US out of this depression, shouldn't we pick the right fight?

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