[Oeva-list] Administrivia: Message size query

OEVA Treasurer oeva_treas at verizon.net
Tue Oct 28 18:34:22 PDT 2008


Jeez-o-Pete. Please remove all restrictions on file size, attachments, etc.
This is a big pain in the you-know-what. Or at least make some sort of text
only option for the people with dial up. (I think most everyone no longer
uses a phone modem to connect to the Internet, do they?) Hey you with the
phone modem: at the library they have Internet for free.


Rick Barnes
Ex Treasurer
Aloha, or

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I little bit of administrivia: I've been letting a few larger messages
through that seemed relevant, but the biofuel film message was borderline.
I went ahead and allowed it because most of the relevant information was
actually in the image, though it's uncertain if any of us would actually be
able to attend.  These sorts of things are usually more flexible than they
let on though.

Anyway, I thought I'd get some guidance from the group on message size; the
list default is 40k, this particular message was 200k.  I'm inclined to put
100k as the list setting given modern realities.  Anything bigger should
still be sent as a link to the web site instead in most cases, IMHO, but
would like to see what people think...

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