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Electric car ownership, charging stations, and tax benefits for electric car
purchases are some of the elements of the movement by individuals, business
and the governor's most recent announcement.  I've been hoping for a
breakthrough in support of electric cars for decades.  I was the guy in the
Portland General Electric PR department lucky enough to be responsible for
driving the yellow Sparrow to events.  I coordinated the PGE electric
go-kart program for high school students for five years.


There was always something missing:  we need to wait for better batteries,
we need to wait for someone to install charging stations, we need to.well
you get the idea. Then Better Place comes along and Shai Agassi has the idea
of putting a computer into each electric car and when charging the car also
connects to a server on a network that records the electricity used and
meters it like cell phone minutes.  My hand hits my forehead!  That's it!


Use existing batter technology, any plug-in electric vehicle and install
charging stations and battery exchange centers.  In one wave of the
keyboard, he made all the issues, barriers and problems go away.  Well, not


The one key element that Israel, Denmark and Australia seem to have in
common is a boundary with limit distance for travel.  Australia is a large
continent however the population is primarily within 100 miles of the coast
and near the big cities.

Hawaii would be a good prospect.  What about Oregon?


We have a boundary that almost no other state has-the Urban Growth Boundary.
Why not define the UGB for Portland as the electric car boundary and invite
Better Place to partner with us?  Each UGB within Oregon could do the same.


Please tell me someone else already thought of this and we are already
moving in this direction.


Richard Turnock




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