[Oeva-list] Insurance for motorcycle EV's

David Hazen innercom at peak.org
Fri Oct 31 20:37:13 PDT 2008

Progressive Insurance has a little-known category for 3-wheel  
motorcycle EV's that was discovered by a patient and persistent  
insurance agent just south of Eugene in Creswell.  He was first set  
on his mission to find this category by Mark Murphy, designer of the  
Bug-E and Gizmo.  I just finished my scratch-built "assembled"  
vehicle and I am now insured at the outrageous cost of $96 per year  
for 100/300 liability, comp and collision.

If you are in the market for insurance, this guy is fun to work  
with!  If he can't insure you directly, he will work with your local  
Progressive agent.

John Clow
Creswell Insurance
	jclow at centurytel.net


David Hazen
innercom at peak.org
Construction of the XP-Humm-E
Lane Electric Vehicle Association

"There is no energy crisis, there is a crisis in ignorance." --- R.  
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